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In Alternative Financing

5th Avenue South Solutions offers creative and alternative financing options for small businesses across the United States.

Have Other Funding Sources Turned You Away?

5th Avenue South Solutions Has A Solution For Almost Every Lending Scenario

5th Avenue South Solutions offers financing when everyone else says, “No!”

We offer options you need to make your real estate dreams a reality. We can offer solutions most lenders can’t. Why We work differently than a bank. We are also able to offer a quick, hassle-free closing for the following projects:


What they say

"When my real estate project went over budget. None of the major banks or private money lenders would give me a bridge loan until I sold the property. 5th Avenue South Solutions saved me with several private money loans from one of their investors."

Vince In Brooklyn

"My development in Long Island was facing foreclosure when the guys at 5th Avenue South Solutions bailed me out with two private money loans. They believed in me when no other private money lender would

Paul In Queens

"I needed a bridge loan to flip a property but my credit wasn't perfect. No other private money lender would help me. 5th Avenue Solutions South got me several private money loans to cover what I needed. Thank you, 5th Avenue South Solutions!"

Saul in Airmont

"I needed several loans for a couple of mixed-use properties in Cape Coral but I took a hit after my wife and I got divorced. No one would give me a construction loan. I called 5th Avenue South Solutions. They were quickest private money lender I have ever seen. They funded two private money loans in under 2 weeks!"

Curtis In Naples

When Other Lenders Say No, We Say Yes!

5th Avenue South Solutions Offers Financing Solutions Most Lenders Refuse To Offer.

5th Avenue South Solutions offers creative solutions for your project that other lenders can’t.

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539 5th Avenue South, Ste. #436, Naples,
Florida 34102, United States

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