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If You Need Private Money Loans, We’re Your Private Money Lender

We hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy during these trying times. People are scared and the future seems uncertain, so we’re writing to you to do our best to alleviate some of that uncertainty as it relates to your current and future hard money loans. 5th Avenue South Solutions is here for you!

We are open for business, and fully operational. We remain committed to you as your financing partner, including all of the business practices that earned your trust in the first place: common-sense underwriting, a steady turnaround for construction draws, a flexible and personal working relationship, and total transparency.

Due to the volatility on Wall Street and in the capital markets, many private money lenders in the industry have been forced to stop writing private money loans. Not us!

Private money lenders that provide private money loans have turned the faucet off. This is causing many private money lenders to suspend activities and leaving many borrowers with deals in jeopardy.

In a time like this, we’re grateful for our unique capital structure. This is a fund of private capital that is under our control. This allows us to continue issuing hard loans 

In order to protect the long term health of our firm, as well as the financial well-being of our borrowers, we are constantly evaluating our loan programs to account for market conditions. To stay strong during the current market instability, we’re “getting back to basics” by focusing on our core loan program that offers to finance up to 85% of cost capped at 65% of ARV.

As the situation evolves, and the needs of our borrowers change, so will we. We are here for you. You may hear the occasional baby, dog, or spouse in the background thanks to our team’s social distancing remote work efforts. However, we are working for you and available when you need us. We will continue to work to earn your business every day and help our borrowers navigate this unpredictable market.

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